my country's new materials field is showing a development trend of military-civilian integration

New materials for military industry are the key basic technology in the world's military field, the key to modern sophisticated weapons and equipment, and the key field of military-civilian integrated development.

   Superalloys-key materials for aero-engines: mainly used in the fields of aero-engines, gas turbines, single crystal superalloy blades, and nuclear reaction equipment. In the international advanced aero-engines, high-temperature alloys account for about 40-60% of the total weight; studies have shown that the increase in the thrust-to-weight ratio of aero-engines, 50-70% of the contribution comes from high-temperature materials and related preparation technologies. It is estimated that the market space of superalloys from 2015 to 2020 is close to 70 billion.

   Composite material-sky stone: Composite material is the most important type of engineering material in the development of national defense industry. It is mainly used in the structure of aircraft fuselage and engine in national defense industry. At present, the amount of composite materials on the most advanced fighter aircraft has reached 40%, and the amount of composite materials on the A350 aircraft recently launched by Airbus is as high as 52%. It is estimated that the military aviation market demand will exceed 102,000 tons in the next five years, and the market space will exceed 20 billion.

   Titanium alloy-universal alloy: Titanium alloy is an ideal lightweight structural material, mainly used in aircraft structural parts. It accounts for 41% of the weight of the structure on the F-22 aircraft, 15% on the Boeing 787, and 31% on the V2500 engine on the A320. It is estimated that the titanium alloy market space in my country's military aviation field will be 14.2 billion yuan in the next five years, and the titanium alloy market space in the civil aviation field will be 26.55 billion yuan in the next 20 years.

Metamaterials-high-tech that changes the world: Metamaterials are "materials" composed of materials that have the characteristics of exceeding the electromagnetic response limit of natural materials. At present, the main defense applications are concentrated in metamaterial stealth technology, metamaterial special antennas and super Material radome and other fields. In the next 20 years, metamaterials will have a huge market space in the national defense industry. The application of stealth materials for military aircraft alone will exceed 100 billion, and the application market for warships will exceed 60 billion.

  Ultra-high-strength steel: Ultra-high-strength steel is developed to meet the high strength requirements of aircraft structures, and is widely used in the manufacture of rocket engine pressure vessels and aircraft landing gears. It is estimated that by 2020, the annual market size of ultra-high-strength steel will be close to 1 billion.

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