Development path

The history of enterprise development, like the biography of a company, is a record of the development process of the company, and must be true and reliable, and conform to the historical facts of the company's development. To describe companies and corporate figures, we must adhere to a scientific attitude of seeking truth from facts. According to the facts, one is one and the other is two. People are true, things are true, words are true, and images are true, win the trust with truth, and move people with truth. Only by achieving "belief but not imaginary" and "being true but not sly" can it be beneficial to people and spread for a long time. There is a difference between the writing style of corporate development history and corporate biography. A corporate biography is like a historical biography of a person; the development history of a company is like a chronicle of a person or a local chronicle. Specifically, the two writings are different in the following: the use of words and algae, corporate biographies focus on literary talent, especially in "word algae", can have more adjectives and modifiers, and strive for vividness of the article to enhance the company's biography The literary nature of the enterprise; the history of corporate development requires the use of the language of the book, and strive to be objective, truthful and accurate. Characterization of the image Although the corporate biography is based on facts when writing entrepreneurs and corporate management teams, it can also be characterized by literary images, which may affect the authenticity of the history of the characters to a certain extent; corporate development History must be based on facts. Everything it records is the deeds and information of the enterprise. Deeds and Character Comments In a corporate biography, the author can evaluate the deeds and characters, and they can be narrated and discussed, or they can be discussed first, recorded afterwards, or discussed first and then discussed. The history of enterprise development is just a narrative. Generally, no discussion or evaluation is conducted. It is just "comments and derogations in the narrative."