Lightweight super sound insulation material won the "Popular Science" automobile category best innovation award

A few days ago, Nissan China’s official website announced that its newly developed lightweight super sound insulation material won the “Popular Science” (“New Era of Science and Technology”) automotive category Best Innovation Award, which is a new lightweight super sound insulation material.

   In January this year, Nissan Motor displayed a new lightweight super sound insulation material at the 2020 International Consumer Electronics Show. Officially, this new material can not only improve the quietness of the car, but also help improve fuel economy.

  According to the introduction, the material is composed of a combination of crystal structure and plastic film, which can effectively control air vibration and reduce the transmission of broadband noise (500-1200Hz) generated by vehicles on roads and engine operation. At present, most of the sound insulation materials in this frequency band are made of heavy rubber.

  Nissan stated that the optimization of the weight of the new super sound-insulating material enables the weight to be reduced by 75% compared with traditional sound-insulating materials without changing the sound insulation effect.

   It is worth mentioning that the production cost of the new super sound insulation material is almost the same as that of the traditional sound insulation material, and it is even more competitive. Therefore, the material is also suitable for vehicles subject to cost or net weight restrictions.

   In addition, Nissan's new super sound insulation material can also make the body lighter, which in turn will help improve energy efficiency and economy and reduce the vehicle's environmental impact. The quiet cabin can make driving more comfortable and improve driving experience.

Author: Chen Chi Source: Express Technology